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I've made a living in art and puppetry for over thirty years. I visit schools and universities teaching puppetry and sculpture. This will be my 18th year playing Santa Claus. I can't think of anyone I know that likes or has a better job than I do.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

book and schools

hi all, Just visited Crane School for a week. What fun. Great students, no cell phone service. I'm on my way to High Lakes Elementary School the next two weeks and then off to Ontario. Hi everyone at High Lakes and Alameda. I'm looking forward to my visit with you. I have great and exciting news. I just had my first book of Fairy Tales puplished. It's called A Collection of Fairy Tales. There are 17 stories in it. The books are $12.95 each. They will be available on my web soon, or from me now. So far I have recieved really good feedback on them. See you all soon.


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